The modular Well-Being System

Work and Dine

Kim and Lee strategize for a business meeting. While working, Kim likes a cool climate and a firmly shaped seat. Lee prefers a warm and soft seat.

Caynova Well-Being Features available for their personalized comfort

  • Selectable Cushion Firmness

  • Adaptive Contouring

  • Four-way Lumbar Support

  • Heating and Cooling

Caynova offers Kim and Lee their individual office space in the sky, so they can be refreshed and focused for that business meeting.

Lounge and Relax

Sue is unwinding from a hard day's work by enjoying her favorite media. She likes to lounge and watch movies. She loves the relaxing back massage in her warm and cosy seat.

Caynova Well-Being Features available for her personalized comfort

  • Heating

  • Adaptable Cushion Firmness

  • Body Massage

Caynova makes Sue's personalized flight experience feel like a day at the spa.

Rest and Sleep

Wang is a side sleeper and only gets comfortable on a soft mattress that allows his body to sink in. He gets hot when sleeping and therefore likes a cool breeze in his space.

Caynova Well-Being Features available for his personalized comfort

  • Adaptive Body Immersion Zone

  • Cushion Gap Filler

  • Cooling

  • Personal (Suite) Fan

Caynova offers Wang the personalized sleep space he needs to recharge his batteries.

System Description

  • An Industry-first fully qualified set of pneumatic and thermal features for aircraft seats

  • Individual Well-Being Features can be mixed and matched to meet customer's specifications and needs

  • Daisy-chained controller architecture for easy integration of new and additional features - making the system future proof

  • Configurable communication interface to seat control electronics supporting industry standards RS485, LS CAN, HS CAN

  • Can be installed on any seat structure

Well-Being Features

What features support your brand and will make your passengers happy and loyal customers?

Work together with our experienced team of specialists and design a next generation Well-Being System that will raise the bar for air travel.

Modular Architecture

Simple and easy integration and installation

Seat Heating

Passenger selectable temperature control of seat surface

Seat Cooling

Passenger selectable temperature control of seat surface

Seat Pan Extension

Smart and automatic air bladder extension of seat surface


Rhythmic stimulate of muscles and blood circulation preventing fatigue


Passenger adjustable air bladders for optimal lower back support

Gap Filler

Smart and automatic air bladder for a smooth and even surface in bed position

Personal Fan

Passenger controllable air ventilation integrated into the seat shell

Adaptive Contouring

Passenger controllable seat contouring. Smart sensor removes contouring in bed position

Hot Stone Massage

Massage with heating properties enlarges blood vessels around spine and reduces muscle tension


Smart sensors for intelligent system operation and maintenance


Passenger selectable seat surface climate and moisture control


Slow micro movements of strategic seat areas to prevent pressure points, as used in medical aircrafts (air ambulance)

Firmness Selection

Passenger adjustable cushion firmness
(multi steps from soft to firm)

Immersion Zone

Smart and adaptive immersion zone, allowing body to sink deeper into cushion in bed position